Poems Inspired by the Arts by Indie Author, Tony Tripodi [Book Review]

Poems Inspired by the Arts by Tony Tripodi

Rating: 2
Genre: Poetry

When I realized I won a poetry book from one of the Goodreads giveaways—I became ecstatic. I couldn’t wait to run to the mailbox and read it right away. If well-written, a poetry book can be the most beautiful book in the entire world.

However, after reading, “Poems Inspired by the Arts,” by Tony Tripodi, this expectation was not the case.

I felt very much disappointed. 😦

Tripodi’s collection is mainly theme-based. His poems are inspired by his observations of international artistic pieces (paintings, musical compositions, architecture, etc.). Although, I don’t think the average reader would even understand half his references. However, I did recognize a few (Van Gogh’s, “Starry Night,” the “Statue of Liberty,” and the “Golden Gate Bridge”).

Before each poem, there are short notes with background information on the artworks that influenced the author. In some aspects, these notes were helpful, but at the end of every note, I’d find two to three adjectives describing how Tripodi evoked the artworks. Personally, in my opinion, these small lists of adjectives aren’t necessary because they create a somewhat, “biased,” view of how the artwork should be perceived prior to reading the poems. Also, all the notes spoiled my neutral perceptions, causing me to lose my own sense of judgement.

Majority of the poems seem observational. There is no depth. There is no complexity. Almost like his words are soulless, which I found heartbreaking to take note of.

Unfortunately, I will not be reading from Tony Tripodi again.


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