About Me


If your crimson heart has cracks inside, let the primrose sun shine through.

Welcome to my blog Kaleidoscopic Kites! This blog has been around since December 22nd, 2013. Its aim is to shed light on the crazy, wonderful, vigorous, and emotional aspects of my life through the art of the written word.

What This Blog Has:
– poetry
– book reviews
– book hauls
– my NaNoWriMo & NaPoWriMo journeys
– writing tips
– W.I.P. writing updates….+ much more!!

Who I Am:
– a busy college student trying to balance her commitments to her writing, life, and studies simultaneously.
– a poet/writer for five years
– an introspective shutterbug
– a fan of indie music, film, and literature
– an environmental advocate
– a lover of urban chic, bohemian, and grunge fashion

Why I Started my Blog:
– to share my writing passion with others and (hopefully) improve along the way
– to be able to to get in touch with my emotions easier
– to make people smile and inspire them to write themselves
– to learn new things through self-discovery

Also Featured on: 

Inkling: http://inklingwriting.co/2015/08/14/yesterdays-summers-pamela-loperena/ 

Stage of Life Writing Contest September 2014: http://bit.ly/2aBaO76 

NaNoWriMo & Camp NaNoWriMo Achievements:


Blog Awards:



INSTAGRAM: @Pam.L.Writes || BLOG: @kaleidoscopickites

BLOG FACEBOOK PAGE: @KaleidoscopicKites

TWITTER: @PamelaLWrites

WATTPAD: @StarfishSoul

TUMBLR: @theeverlastingebullience

FIGMENT: @Cupcakes4ever


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