No Light, No Harmony

Walking further down blustery rubble,
your fears howl; darkish thoughts journey
the mere existence



centering yourself,
let the power of your thoughts
circle around you.

stop your hands from
grasping onto others’ words.
reach for less bruises.

tear apart pictures
that make your head miserable.
mind tricks love to play.

go and burn the one
who triggers lightning bolts through
your unstable veins.

calm clovers will grow
where you least expect them to.
you have no control.

seek some happiness.
plant a little beauty near
your strongest soul scar.


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they tell you to
stay far away
from me?

Too conscious;
susceptible to the brief cold truths
of surface tension love,
I stray along smothered walls of shadowed party rooms.
I never should’ve been invited to.

Too often,
I get taken advantage of
by those I bury all my gravity in.
No wonder I’m made of helium.

Most days,
I follow the feelings of others
try not to fall quick within
their intricate webs;
I keep my phases to myself
whenever the moon raises its hapless body
to the city skyline

but sometimes,
I forget
to pretend
I’m not human
I let the personage slip off
and my colors bleed, dilute.

Caring for the heart
surrounded by
what others
my hands melt
rose quartz matter,
a warm, bruised mass
that vibrates
torpid, but surely
for the universe
I hold on
real tight to
every single day.

Staying with me
would mean
all the stars you’ve
ever known behind,
getting to know
a world misinterpreted
by scientists and typical stardust beings
where a plethora of visions
would test you
to see if you’re worthy
to manage the below zero

So would you stay?


Happy World Mental Health Day!

Moon Dancer

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you are

heal these craters
that soften
the slow beating
of my explosive core;
replace them with
sunburned lesions
that burn for light years
on end.

Be my sky, space, and stars,
consuming the lunar revolution
I circulate
every single day
around the rings of ebony pupils
and dark matter destinies.


then you should always wear a crescent for a smile,
beam your beauty through ultraviolet horizons
tainted with the solar magic
of celestial nights.

You’ll have to frolic
inside the teardrops
of meteor showers,
never wasting time
glowering over worlds
that hurt you—
dull your inner dream fire.

Moon dancers
don’t ever drift away.
In slumber,
their minds only curl up next to telescopes,
fascinated by the lens of life,
restlessly seeking contact with another ray
as bright as theirs,
that could kick-start
a rocket to the highest asteroid belt—
the perfect place
where I wait for you
to spin

The Getaway Blueprint

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Hummingbirds sting sweet,
biting the last of my breathless words clean.
Clearing through the palm leaves,
I could’ve sworn somebody’s soul was following me
even though this vivacious foliage appears

Not flinching, not scared,
I move along a broken path
with nothing but tiger striped cracks of illumination
above golden-green
to guide my falsetto heart
roaming free.

Near where
lazy fire meets acid rain
there’s a flare from a distance

a paradise apart from skyscraper rays,

ruthless cynics, and newspaper headline rage.

thoughts of black and white printed pages
must end right here.
they have no choice but to fade,
just like you and I
will have to metamorphosize,
enlighten, and change.

So take my hand,
and let’s get away
this world is ours
for the escape.

We’ve fought enough battles
within our hopeless selves
and we deserve a break

more than a lightning strike
wants to forsake
inclement weather.

Hearing the sacred winds shift,
the birth of a new dawn unsheathes
as we sprint out of the bleak
into a beautiful white breach.