An Intricate Ending

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Turning on the string lights inside your head,
a shade of lilac gloom begins to glow.

December speaks with hushed tones,
carrying the pressure of your pondering.

You reminisce about the new year in a new light:
every memory, every spark and somber cloud.

Racing thoughts insulate your head of whether
you’ve accomplished enough to please the world.

The waves of your pomegranate drink
don’t give you the answers to questions you crave.

Yet, you stare into your glass nevertheless,
looking for some kind of solace.

One minute until midnight,
you still feel stuck upon a land far, far away.

As the curtains close on the last fifty-two weeks, you smile
raising your glass, knowing that it will somehow be okay.


Happy New Year everyone!! 🎆😀🎉



centering yourself,
let the power of your thoughts
circle around you.

stop your hands from
grasping onto others’ words.
reach for less bruises.

tear apart pictures
that make your head miserable.
mind tricks love to play.

go and burn the one
who triggers lightning bolts through
your unstable veins.

calm clovers will grow
where you least expect them to.
you have no control.

seek some happiness.
plant a little beauty near
your strongest soul scar.


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they tell you to
stay far away
from me?

Too conscious;
susceptible to the brief cold truths
of surface tension love,
I stray along smothered walls of shadowed party rooms.
I never should’ve been invited to.

Too often,
I get taken advantage of
by those I bury all my gravity in.
No wonder I’m made of helium.

Most days,
I follow the feelings of others
try not to fall quick within
their intricate webs;
I keep my phases to myself
whenever the moon raises its hapless body
to the city skyline

but sometimes,
I forget
to pretend
I’m not human
I let the personage slip off
and my colors bleed, dilute.

Caring for the heart
surrounded by
what others
my hands melt
rose quartz matter,
a warm, bruised mass
that vibrates
torpid, but surely
for the universe
I hold on
real tight to
every single day.

Sticking with me
would mean
all the stars you’ve
ever known behind,
getting to know
a world misinterpreted
by scientists and typical stardust beings
where a plethora of visions
will test you
to see if you’re worthy
to manage the below zero

So will you stay?


Happy World Mental Health Day!