Living life by the feather,
wherever heartbeats muffle;
rustic, woodpecker stanzas
chirp out of a perched

Happy “Poem in Your Pocket Day” 2019 and National Poetry Month! 🙂
This is the poem I carried in my pocket today (#pocketpoem):

Robert Frost’s: Nothing Gold Can Stay:Image result for robert frost naturepoem


Spring Anew

Image result for tumblr photography SPRINGTIME

Beneath overlapping green,
love hesitates to sprout,
but when feverish winds warm high,
clusters of petals loosen their spirits.
Wings glide across infinite navy,
enduring springtime splendor.


Image result for aesthetic airplane window

High flying above the island of Cancún,
specks of human bodies become a rarity
to the naked eye—trapping in sandy terrain
and Caribbean stretches of finer sea blue.
Moving about 575 miles per hour,
away from the Yucatán dream life,
yet my longing heart still clings to home:
the lazy neighbors, retro radio static buzz,
faux leather sofa holes, and unread novels,
but most importantly, I miss the hums of you.


Lovely as the light of day;
hyper as a jubilant child,
she sends her laughter—
the heart of spring,
miles astray.

Wave by wave,
spinning a weather vane,
the tempo travels
where no one
can detain.

Daffy as a skipping stone,
barefaced as a brazen tone,
canary-like vibrations slide
through a broken, house,

Doleful as a slow moving stream,
almost on the brink of belief,
a boy her age,
finds life hard
to feel

Pathetic like a Greek tragedy,
two sore eyes weep with misery,
until they witness
something sensory,
something oh-so-out-of-
the ordinary.

Flickering as a dewdrop of rain,
amused as a tickling touch,
a vibrant, melodious noise
rings into the boy’s
just a little
too much.

Emanating as a bird call,
striking as a thunderous dream,
at last this boy hears happiness—
curved lips look