Loyal to a fault,
I will stay here for you:
chasing butterflies,
watching leaves fall,
fearing the wind, but
bearing this little rain
heading my way.
Thunder binds me
to your soft touch soul;
I won’t let you go.
3pm skies swell
only because
missing you aches
more than you know.

*Inspired by Webtoon’s “Little Rain” by Mai.

Year of the Water Tigress


Refusing to retreat,
I bear my stripes and fire—
markings of a majestic force,
to the emerald tree grounds;
waking rain,
saving face,
planting each paw on a new leaf.

Fierce eyes
tread carefully, but powerfully
beside those who linger among
the fainting lilies.
Clenched jaws
scare off weaker years
and bend prophecies into
bright copper.

In heat of night,
I rise against rivulet currents,
warding off trespassers
who threaten
the sacred way of life
I was born to safeguard
with my spry, beating heart.

Unveiled roars,
travel like sound energy—
breaking through
ancient sandstone waterfalls.
Ready ears,
twitch on high alert,
look out for any danger
or home calls of the wild.

With enough courage to carry on,
I rival only the blood orange sun
in its determination
to work hard each day
running after his
temptress moon lover.

Happy Year of the Water Tiger!!🐅