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Whenever she mulls over you,
she dabbles in pollinated blues,
treasuring each word that was said.
For each word, planted another
dream inside her wildflower head.

Pursuing sleep to carry her astray,
the night dims patient enough to let her stay,
so as twinkling asterisms bloom,
September sings sweet to unearth
the sun back from June.

Meadows seek out fresh starlight,
as a picture of two spirits synchronize,
she wishes to grow a perennial love that effloresces,
one with soft, prismatic strength,
almost always reflective.

Peeling off layers of emotion,
she calls out for you in the open,
releasing white pentas and zealous chemicals,
out from the Milky Way
of her bleeding, bright ventricle.


Hello Sunshine

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topaz briolettes daunt your dressing room table.
vintage flamingo print wallpaper gushes color.
a spritz of Chanel claims the sorbet sky.
patio umbrellas outside wait to crinkle.
the girl in you seizes the yellow backdrop,
greeting a slice of doorway morning sunshine.

The Harbinger

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In the shadows of the ocean’s embrace,
a soul taps along sandy shorelines,
flickering remnants of familiar vibrations,
which open my sight once again
to your warm essence
that I haven’t felt in so many years.

I guess I almost forgot how deep the memory of your sun-lit waters flowed,

but these rays of your guiding grace
will always have a home here within me,
as long as you send an omen
to remind me that
everything will still be okay
without you.

K.K. Blog News Update: 7/22/19

Hello everyone!

I’m excited to say that my blog: Kaleidoscopic Kites has reached 700+ followers!

I want to thank all of you (my new and old followers) for supporting my work and hope that you still continue doing so.

My poem Vivacious has also been recently featured and discussed on the Late Night Poets (After Midnight) poetry podcast, after it won a children themed poetry contest on Allpoetry. 

Here is the podcast for you to listen:

Vivacious – (19:02-21:24)

Part Sinner, Part Saint…(I ain’t goin’ back) …with Rhymarhyma 04/13 by L N P-After Midnight | Poetry

Here are two links to my Vivacious, so you can read along with the podcast:

Once again, thank you taking time out of your day to read and comment on my poems, book related posts, etc. I really appreciate it!

More content will be coming soon.


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The Universe of Us by Lang Leav [Book Review]

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The Universe of Us by Lang Leav

Rating: 3.3
Genre: Poetry

Leav’s collection was a decent read for me, but it it didn’t quite hit the mark as the most impressive poetry collection I’ve read. The theme of her book revolved around romanticizing space and the time with reflection upon her past relationships.

Each poem related back to the main theme again and again. Leav has a knack for writing attention-grabbing, dreamy images that pop out onto the pages for her readers. My favorite poem was: The Weather; as I read it, her picturesque words came alive right before my eyes, awakening all five of my senses:

It was raining on the day I met him—hair wet and tangled—
droplets of water sliding down my cheeks like crystal teardrops.
He says he can taste sunlight on my skin whenever cherries are
in season. With me, he doesn’t think about permanence or
possession. He knows I’m just like the weather—I’ll keep
changing my mind (Lang 36).

Here, her clear images (“crystal teardrops” & “cherries are in season”) unravel, one after the other, creating something really distinct and original that it took me by surprise and swept me away for a moment into a different place.

I love when that feeling happens.

On the other hand though, some of Leav’s poems didn’t seem like poems to me. For example, one poem she wrote called: Conversations, had lines with quotation marks around them, giving me a stronger impression that it was more of a beautiful, prose piece of dialogue, rather than a poem.

Another poem: Recognition, by Lang Leav wrote as a one-liner:

I’ve never met you before, but I recognize this feeling (Leav 11). 

This was a poetic line for sure, but it’s only a mere, simple thought. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not a fan of one-liner poems because it can be difficult to convey that much in a single line and the chances of a person plagiarizing your work (or you plagiarizing another person’s work) increases the less amount you write.  

Her ideas got a little repetitive too. She mentioned the concept of “collisions” and “spinning worlds” more than once. There are so many cosmic events that can happen in the universe, so I think she could’ve done a little more space research on her part.

The cover was an okay choice for her collection. In the introduction paragraph, Leav mentioned that her collection was also inspired by how she used to “look upwards at the stars.” It’s a shame Leav wasn’t depicted like that on the cover, but I suppose that this is something one could blame on the publishing company, not her, the author.

* page numbers correspond with the ebook, not the print version.