Guiding Light

riding out the chaos,
I find you here,
hanging onto
the pieces of your heart
you still have left.

with more anguish
than a winter soldier flying home,
you’ve convinced yourself
there’s little hope in healing,
when the pain of your inner world
dampens your view
on all that is good.

yet as you’re kneeling,
a stronger feeling
overcomes me
and I want nothing more to
to encircle your body in
the rosy warmth you forgot
the moment you were
broken by another.

Art & Love: An Illustrated Anthology of Love Poetry by Kate Farrell [Book Review]

Art & Love : An Illustrated Anthology Of Love Poetry : by Kate Farrell (  Editor ): Fine Hardcover (1990) 1st Edition | Sapphire Books

Art & Love: An Illustrated Anthology of Love Poetry by Kate Farrell

Rating: 5
Genre: Poetry

Reading Kate Farrell’s anthology of hand-picked classic poems and paintings was a pleasant experience. The anthology was separated into eight different sections: My-ness (familial love), Oath of Friendship (friendship), Go, Lovely Rose (the journey toward finding love), Let Me Count the Ways (perceiving love within inner/outer beauty), The Mess of Love (troubled romance), Yesterday, He Still Looked Me in the Eyes (lost love/breaking up), The Marriage of True Minds (honoring the courtships of mature couples), and lastly, Give All to Love (exploring love as an idea/ideal). Each section included love poems from the best writers around the world, accompanied by gorgeous illustrations from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I loved being introduced so many interpretations of love in various writing styles as well. Although I can’t mention all of them, certain poems did stick out to me the most. From the section: Let Me Count the Ways, Variation by Federico García Lorca was one of them:

That still pool of the air
under the branch of an echo,

That still pool of the water
under a frond of bright stars.

That still pool of your mouth
under a thicket of kisses
(Farrell 81).

This poem utilized such refreshing language with descriptive imagery. The repetition of the first part of the first line (That still pool of…) allowed me to pause my attention on the little moments that make a huge impact on the eyes of the narrator. I loved how Federico García Lorca romanticizes aspects of a forest (‘branch,’ ‘frond,’ & ‘thicket’) combines them with passion.

Another poem that I enjoyed was: I Do Not Look For Love That is a Dream by Victorian poet, Christina Rossetti from the section: Yesterday, He Still Looked Me in the Eyes:

I do not look for love that is a dream:
I only seek for courage to be still;
To bear my grief with an unbending will,
And when I am a-weary not to seem.
Let the round world roll on; let the sun beam;
Let the wind blow, and let the rivers fill
The everlasting sea; and on the hill
The palms almost touch heaven, as children deem.
And though young Spring and Summer pass away,
And Autumn and cold Winter come again;
And though my soul, being tired of its pain,
Pass from the ancient earth; and though my clay
Return to dust; my tongue shall not complain:
No man shall mock me after this my day
(Farrell 111).

Rossetti’s poem was never short of rhythm, rhyme, and depth. She dove right into the topic of heartache. Each line then explored further how the narrator was processing their sorrow (ex: Let the wind blow, and let the rivers fill). I adored the way Rossetti blended the seasons into her poem (ex: And though young Spring and Summer pass away, And Autumn and cold Winter come again) to showcase the passing of time and how bittersweet feelings people try to ignore could resurface during damper seasons.

I liked the cover choice for the collection. The cover displayed German artist, Severin Roesen’s oil painting: Still Life: Flowers and Fruit. Back in the day, flowers were usually given by an individual to express their affection for their lover, so I could understand why Farrell chose this art piece to represent the collection. The types of flowers Roesen painted also hold significant meaning in general: dahlias symbolize commitment, lilies of the valley exemplify pure love, white lilies are referred to as ‘sympathy flowers’ etc.

Fright Night

Pin by October Dreaming on Haunted Houses | Halloween illustration,  Halloween pictures, Halloween art

As I sit near my attic window, 
the ghouls run outside,
wrecking graveyard havoc.
Their ghastly faces
radiate a foolish color,
washed out by a
red moon.

In and out of the dark,
I feel a supernatural presence
taunt mine like a
black cat crawling among
the windswept shadows.

The reverberating sound
petrifies my eardrums,
and weakens the atmosphere
above these floorboards.

I realize I must wait out doomsday,
until this evil succumbs
to morning’s luster,
there will be no peace.