Beautiful Dark


You were everything I cherished,
every thorn I grew,
until you decided to cut me open
and let me fall out
of your bleeding cauldron,
with nothing but lace red currents;
tattered memories askewed.

Deep within dimensions of blue,
I should have known you were
the beauty
breaking beside the ugly,
the liar
lacking honesty
and any sense of
but I was I too blind to see the big picture
your illustrious colors exude staggering spruce.

Even in the beautiful dark,
I know better now.
Hearts like yours will never be enough
to seal severed scars,
or mend tunnels of turmoil together.

Yet when I breathe in nostalgia,
I’ll forever be capturing
a moonlit memory of you,
embracing the pieces
of our well spent moments
and long conversation afternoons.

You will always allure me
to the edge where I’ll falter,
and I’ll miss you long after
the earth sends me away.

It pains me that you’ve released me by these means,
everything I feel inside has been deceived,
like spring branches stripped of their sleeves.
I wither


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