A Theory of Light



Under pine tree bedtime bristles,
did you ever think
to look above
at the sky
for a sign
—a hunter’s arrow—
seeking light?

Where collective stardust
fuses our dreams
before motley divine,
and tomorrow’s seasons
hail a sacrificial lover
toward the divide,
I bend and scrape my
way past evergreen war knives.

So many years have gone by,
without my spirit nestled near your side.
So many days have met their plight
because I couldn’t dare to breathe
when I no longer felt alive.

Out of the mist,
and shooting against goodbye blue,
I pray now to glory, I can make it through and through,
carrying my last brittle words,
bundled for you.

How I wish I could harness back my body,
that human corpse you once adored,
to relive what it’s like
to feel the inner locomotion of a heartbeat,
the rush of a storm embedded in my veins,
instead of lonesome river rock rapids,
pounding vibrations interfering with my ray.

The closer I get, the closer I am to relinquishing my luster,
you could be anywhere here.
So I’m forcing myself to embrace the unknown,
the call of the wild shall steer
me to your bow.

But as soon as I cross your path,
will you know who touched your sleeve,
or will I just become another
theory of light?
A prophetic ember
reborn to cede?


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