On the Yonder Side of You

Before you wake,
I hope the morning light
wraps floral warmth
around your wrists.
Because you deserve to be held;
you deserve to be felt.
By the kingdom of my own pulse,
the sun shall reign forever over you.

Before you ask,
about all the reasons I blush,
and why I’m still lying right here
—since I’ve fallen in love
with this heart of yours,
cushioned in glass,
unbreakable and meant
to reflect tawny shafts.
Only know that—
I’ll reveal
how I feel
down to every minuscule detail
But for now, let these burnished time lapses speak for themselves,
as I let the clock-hands brush your eyelashes asleep
a few minutes more.

Before you fall,
and that is if you fall,
please remember this:
the hour when the summer glows
midday tangerine bliss,
I long to place
my arms around your waist
and my life between your lips.
And I desire the dawn to rust a moment
and for you to accept my kiss.
Near honeysuckle braze,
and half-cut wheatgrass,
unremitting romance,
and a luscious love pact,
we’ll endure eternity


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