Brain Storms


Inside me—
there’s a cloud
you’re unaware of.
It holds my thoughts,
my particles,
my whereabouts, love.

Whenever you shout and I return with a bite,
the mountains dust off their demons.
You know that I hate it when we fight
because you always shape-shift
and become weightless
like a feather caught in white bleach,

where your blades
never get silent
or quiet,
as if
you’re trying to make me

You wonder where my head is now,
since our stillness won’t soothe your satisfaction.
Any breakage in the atmosphere
would please you
without words.

Just when gravity stops my cold heart from moving,
a brain of mine disappears,
so my life is no longer here.

The basement sky turns unresponsive.

Within vapory textures,
my inner cloud toils with itself.
Raindrops condense with cognition,
restraining ache and tension blockages
from building up tohubohu.
Heartbeat sounds replace speech syllables.
Meanwhile, you can’t hear a thing.

you want to wreck my storms,
I can feel you.
You want to wake this warmth;
unleash erubescent heat waves into oceanic blue.

You’re imagining your tantrums roam free.

But I won’t let them bring me back to Earth.

No matter how many times
you watch my chest upsurge,
I won’t cooperate with your opinions.
Because I’m entitled to keep my own.
You can’t convince me to change my mind,
even when the thunder strikes, on the outside
I’ll remain stagnant
to you.


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