Let’s take love back
—back to 1985;
back to where all we wanted was
a wasted good time.

I remember those guilty lights,
flashing on the dance floor,
along with a million starry ceiling fights.

I remember you standing
amidst the oblivion, I can recall,
you drinking kamikaze, downing waterfalls.

And when I
got caught in your

for the very first night,
I became entranced by a culture, an exotic, new vibe.

You fueled my fury.
You were my hype.
Flustered in your presence,
in the heat of the heights,

I felt nothing could drag us under,
but incognito butterflies;

rampaging hoaxes,
keeping our momentum alive.

What happened to that yesterday?
Where did I go wrong?
What happened to your sparks?
Or the heart I still long?

Every day I wonder, if you ever care to blink back,
question your comets, the voltaic blue you turned black.

I miss 1985—our incandescent behavior,
it’s a shame we lost everything
because of ephemeral flavor.

Today marks officially as my fourth year of writing!!! 😛


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