I’m a world above the living room ceiling.
Words cross my paths, like an arrow mass
pile smothered in butterfly resistance.

I stay silent.

Nothing surrounding me here feels what I embrace.
Stretched out and half asleep,
a locket heart holds my cobwebbed thoughts,
as I place
a castle
upon your

Looking back on Tuesday,

when you kissed me faintly,
the feeling never went away.

And I got stranded in a sixth sense—vortex,

contemplating if I made a mistake.

You know, I’m still lost inside there,

wishing I had a taste of modern reality;
inviting dreams in for the sensuality.

Hysteria continues mixing sweet with surprise,
every time we daze off in each other’s eyes.

Yet, within this delirious love floating me over the clouds,

I hope
I never get out



2 thoughts on “Couch-time

  1. My favorite stanza is the first one, and my favorite line is the cobwebs in the locket. Amazing poem, with a powerful ending and a great rhythm.

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