Don’t Tell Me Otherwise

Your feathers reveal
all the written scriptures
I congeal.

Crescent moons coruscate.

I fell in love
with your empathy;
casted bird entities

surrounding this atmosphere—

we cried gold.

Tufts of falcon bodies
absorb the marbelized soap.
Filling a rose coaxed bathtub,
we nosedive into lost hopes.

Don’t tell me otherwise
to let our graces go.

We haven’t even learned to fly
beyond a tethered rope.


5 thoughts on “Don’t Tell Me Otherwise

  1. Again, such beautiful imagery and language :O I love the way you use the right words, always appropriately specific, to truly bring the scene to life. When I read your work I feel that I get to explore the bounties of vocabulary with someone else. This is highly unusual! Your writing is a gift. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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