Above the Sunroof

We should leave this weekend behind
and estivate concrete highways
for gold-dusted independence.

Let’s forget license plates—
escape to another state;
ride unprotected lanes.

We could bring along some friends,
and leave by dawn’s edge,
so nobody will catch our glinting auras.

And when we’d reach mountain prominence,
we’d all raise our hands up to sky sundress blue
through your car’s telescopic sunroof.

My camera could even snap whirlpools of pictures—
a thousand pixelated words.

But no picture could compare
to any past life we ever lived.

At night, you and I
could lie under riant starlight,
while our inferior sides impale fire;
sparks transfix us in a sun daze.
I know
Alaska would melt away from our
dreamy Miami eyes
the moment
we erase our silhouettes
at daybreak’s incalescence.


5 thoughts on “Above the Sunroof

  1. Some poems infuse calmness and positivity. I can’t put my finger on the exact reason why, but I love them.
    This is a great example of it. You write with a rhythm, but there is so much meaning within the words.
    “We’d all raise our hands up to sky
    Sundress blue
    Through your car’s telescopic sunroof”
    The imagery here is so powerful, but the rhythm is intoxicating. I love this.

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