Camp NaNoWriMo 2015

  Camp NanoWrimo ~ Participant 2015

Good day, everyone! I won both Camp NaNoWrimo + NaPoWrimo 2015! 🙂

I’v been taking a writing vacation lately, (well not really, I wrote 2119 words for a random new novel idea yesterday and today), because Camp was an exhausting and exhilarating experience.


Unlike last year’s writing disaster, I did things differently this year. Instead of writing a novel, I decided to write poetry (the thirty posts I shared with you guys on this blog in April were only a third of all the poems I wrote during Camp).


for those who think writing poetry for thirty days isn’t nearly as challenging as penning a novel,

well you’re all wrong.

Because in my opinion, it’s 10x worse.

Sometimes I do regret, not doing a novel this time around. It’s much easier to boost your word count because you have the option to write carelessly. Plus, you can outline beforehand and make your characters do weird things just to fill the blank page.

But the poetry process is WAY different. I had figure out a beginning, middle, and end to my poems every single day.

So, it’s almost like I wrote thirty mini novels.

 I also had to add extra pizzazz [adjectives] and descriptors to the poems I wrote in order to make the word count each day.

Even though these were drawbacks, Camp NaNoWriMo 2015 was still my best experience yet (besides my camp cabin being dead quiet, there must have been a fruit fly epidemic).

I felt productive day in and day out, and writer’s block didn’t faze to ruin me. So I can’t complain completely.

Camp NaNoWriMo 2015 ~ Graph



Top 5 April favorites: 

1. Already Brisk

(This steals the #1 spot because I’ve never written anything quite like it before. :D)

2. Touching Reflections

(Adjective use on steroids. Yeah, it’s a beautiful blob of muse)

3. Tea Shirt

(Dedicated to the Tea lovers. Last year, I wrote a coffee poem for NaPoWriMo. :] )

4. Made To Be Embroidered

(There’s a childish tone to this poem, which I absolutely adore. Adventurous and imaginative kids can relate.)

5. Merci, Ma Beauté

(Everyone who follows this blog knows I have wanderlust heart. France is just a piece of it.)

 Anyways, see you next post.

Xx Kaleidoscopic Kites xX

Camp NaNoWriMo ~ Winner - 2015 - Twitter-Profile


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