London’s Dreamers

Name a picture
of any foreign place
and I bet you—
I have it pasted on
a flashy poster-board.

Last summer,
I flew across the Atlantic
with my best buds. We drew
red, white, and blue stripes, blinding
both Big Ben’s clockwork hands.

By double-decker trolleys,
we stole the city’s red velvet bulbs
and its night luminescence.

We paved classical streets;
rode the rainy day ribbons.

Yeah, you could say I remember
last summer.

It’s hard to forget Britain’s antique style
and her lively comeliness,
when I fell deep into sophisticated galore.

There are no words
left in my skies.
I kept red roses and three lions
imprinted on my heart, as I
wrapped my head around the concept of being
a London dreamer.








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4 thoughts on “London’s Dreamers

  1. After nearly a years absence… excellent memorabilia of travels to places near and far and what they leave us with…. I recall Piccadilly Fair and the Underground as well… you have a wonderful style… I am not sure if I am leaving this on storywrite or your blog, will probably do both… I watched your video and your efforts to publish book number two… proud of you of course…. I can edit your second book, if you wish and you can have it published in paperback and ebook for no cost through an adult site I am publishing with ah, it won’t ;let my post an url for you…

  2. Hello, left you a comment and stuff, if you are interested, please email me and I will explain more… there is a YA category at the Lot’s Cave site, and Phaedrus, the editor and publisher, will put your book on all the right places, Barnes and noble amazon, smashwords, google and lulu you can purchase author’s copies for under three dollars each… John Cole amicus from storywrite… hi there!

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