Penniless Wonder

Two-hundred and fifty-seven

reside inside this jar I’ve kept
secret from the loved ones
I know.

Someday, I
want to wake up at nine o’clock
in another place and have a nice
breakfast served to me with roses.

in the world you’ll find me watching
the Northern Lights where nobody
has ever saw them flicker before—
hopefully sooner than later in life.

Number one, is the title wave I’m
bound to break—

when I’m on top of the planet;
crossed every barrier hemisphere
in existence.

Sometimes, I
think about throwing darts on the
globular world map, hanging loosely
upon my wall, and trek wherever they land.

Someone will
come with me during my vacillating
years. I haven’t decided just who yet.
But it’ll definitely be somebody special.

Two-hundred and fifty-seven
pennies—I hold.

Someday, I won’t
be able to go anywhere and I’ll be scared—like
right now—right here under this starry bedroom
blanket I read in, but it’s the only place I’ll truly miss:



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