Get started living
with your fingers
setting bullets afire
after you flare a gun
toward forest heights.

No path—right or wrong
—will warn you of the
dangers you’ll find.

No face can forever be
strange—unless you
choose it to stay that way.

Verdant nights might
reign cold
weather, but you
should survive if you
wear your utility jacket.

Look out for werewolves
they’re interchangeable, I hear.
Nope, an encounter won’t do you good.

Carry a box of matches.
Don’t forget to bring a lighter
to beat the pitch-black dark.

Pretend your tent is
infested with
fireflies when you want
to cheer up your temper;
add another degree
in the thermometer.

Don’t steal from bears.
Fish is their food and
not their friend.

Drink only out of
streams if they look
trustworthy enough.

And when you reach
that underground
crystal cave with an
enchantress dressed
in secrets, make sure
you bring me back
some magic.


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