Chiquita Soleado

Blonde bombshell hair
blows through the wind like
tulle fibers ruggedly trimmed.
Kiwi green eyes entertain
the heart of the horizon as if
Copal trees grew near the Mayans.
The sacred temple, where she offers sacrifice
decays ancient runes day after day
No goddess could be revived with a cryptic remedy.

Maned wolf spirits caress flute fires;
melodies that won’t stop performing subdued.
Blissful dew cries spheres into globs.
As the apparitional realm breaks an ancient eulogy,
forest fae drape invisible silk over a girl’s body.
Entangled leaves beam Brazilian nut powdered swirls.
Jaguars jump in rings of feathered rainfall steam.
Toucans chant, croaking caution to the guardian
when she passes the gate of mortal evergreen hue.

The sun bleached daughter saves dawn
for the descendants of Xochiquetzal.
She adores flowery sweet seasoning resplendence.

Her soul beautifies a jungle where color is rich
and monochrome is poor in affluence.
Intensity sprouts outside a rare sycamore.


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