Hakuna Matata

Past the railroad tracks;
below rose quartz constellations,
there is place I can proudly whisk away my worries.
And no one will challenge the grace of chevalier champions.

Beyond dynamite coal mines;
above gravitating boulder plateaus,
a majestic island perches on an oceanic cross-section.
I ride my hopper car toward the evaporating tracks.

The air is getting slimmer;
my eyes water uncontrollably,
as volcanic pyramids come closer into view.
I shake off the feelings of suspicion
arising the currents in my path.

Crystallized nymphs catapult
out from swallowtail butterfly deep.
I eavesdrop on singing sirens
forging sea-green minerals clean.

I glance behind me,
looking at my coastal cave dilate.
The compass I hold, leads my epic story.
Directions escape pure velocity.
They won’t catch up to my speed.

Exempt emotions spill overboard.
Wheels tumble down useless.
Unexplored lands become elevated higher.
Coconut palm trees turn fruitless.

I repeat a sparkling mantra of mine
and shed footprints onto taupe sands.
Finally, freedom has made me its knight.
A long awaited zinc-toned encore delights.


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