Don’t Electrocute This Youth!

Twelve o’clock
is the curfew
that I’m told
by my parents.
But I refuse to
listen to their
rules tonight.

They don’t
know about
my tricky

Or when I
go to slither
through the
evading good
girl standards.

They probably
aren’t aware
of my fake ID

Still, I don’t
care what they
say, until my
mistakes hit
me later and
I’m forced to
make amends
with regret.

Midnight is
the time where
day lights flicker
out and club
bulbs flash in.

My friends and I
spend hours
forgetting our
as we party the
night away. We
fill our red solo
cups at the brink;
flush avenging
vexations down
swimming pool

Nu disco and
funk muse
quenches our
thirst for

We light a match,
set an impulse to
shock the nation.
My newly streaked
highlights wreck
mayhem, swishing
its vivid destructive
dye in mid-air.

Everyone shouts:
“Don’t electrocute this youth!”
Because we have a matter
of seconds to prove
we can handle darkness
—the ultimate fuse.


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