Cease to Dream

If I cease to dream,
will you—take a nose dive
into a jet stream

with me?

I need—a dark star;
common gleam to
resurrect bubbly theories.

I like stealing imaginary
thieves. Won’t you—raise my

Love me—

or despise me. You redeem
my perfect seam I once broke

You know—how to faze me.
No wonder everyday looks
so crazy.

Shame me—
though you’ll probably try to
ignore me. But you can’t avoid the
consequence of loving.

For me—
would you make a paper plane
and fly it? Or tranquilize an
out of place comet?

with me?

I can’t comprehend a reality,
where I’m not part of world you
live in.

Ask me why I dream and
you might get answered with
a bobby pin.

Do you—
want to take a chance on me?
Marry the universe—escape the
the potpourri?

‘Cuz I
see us fitting together happily.
If you don’t like glitz, we’ll flee from
all the paparazzi.

Just say the word—
and I’ll cease to dream.


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