Cupcake ATM

Bright, sunny days
complete me inside and out.
Sometimes I wonder if they’re enough
to satisfy my seventh-heaven zealous cravings.
I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.
Because for me, life is
seemingly sweet, right
here in downtown NYC.

I’m worried about
my luck running out much too
soon. But friends and family tell me that
true happiness isn’t a coincidental phase and
it’s meant to stay whenever I really want it to remain.
So I stare into space,
asking for cupcakes,
miracles, and mini
hot pink sprinkles.

Pondering, never
solves daily human problems.
Yet marvelously somehow, it aids mine.
I’m lucky that I’m able to sneak my head in the
clouds every once in awhile, envisioning ethics in a
modernized, misty
form. Most people
skip over the good
dreams by accident.

Oh, look what I
found! It’s a new cupcake ATM,
dispensing sweetness into cute rainbow
-lit striped wrappers and within fabulously petite,
ribbon-adorned cardboard boxes—extra lavished for me.
This explains where
my sugar-coated
heart came from.


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