An artistic form of movement;
where dancers praise the dance floors
and celebrate recognition from the
applause that energizes them—
to successfully prosper.
In ballet,
a plie,
a entrechat trois
and pirouette
help a ballet dancer poise on her feet—
embrace the Nutcracker’s heartbeat.
In ballroom dance,
the footwork
steps of each duo
is fundamental
to the overall sequence
in the tango, waltz, foxtrot, and cha-cha.
Within Hip-hop dance,
the prime focus is the
modernized fluency of style,
popping, locking
and breaking to the beat
as you move on the streets
becomes a spectacle routine.
In the jazz world,
axel turns,
hitch kicks,
and little picots
are the key elements to performing gracefully;
always ever so elegantly.
In the tap dance mania,
the ground vibrates a flutter of light pats
against metal heels that go click-clack.
Now, swing dancing
makes you reminesce
back to the 1920s
when the jitterbug was a famed fad.
Girl and boys danced the Carolina Shag.

But to be honest,
you don’t really need choreography
to be an excellent dancer.
You just have to be
physically able to
move with the rhythm
of the Earth’s rotation
and absorb yourself in
your favorite music.


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