Mozart’s Magician

Born to be a child prodigy,
the boy named Mozart
toys with piano keys.
He plays carefree,
buoyant merry.
And in flicker of his wand,
people far and wide
become captivated by
the melodies he makes.
His composure suits
his timeless style,
as he creates
beautiful notes
carved of black ink.
From Carnegie hall’s stage,
to the Madison Square Garden
spectacular, music flows
forth, glistening
feathers and
operatic song signatures.
Background words fade in
this boy’s throat, while raising
the tempo to an extravagant stature.
His mellow voice is replaced, replenished
by Van Gogh’s starry night skies,
he eventually masters.
Gaze kindly at the
boy named
composing mystery—
weaving wizardry.


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