1960s telescopic visionary

That didn’t turn off the
graphic design.

Zebra culture;

Altercations of
hypothetical reality.

Ignore me,

While I put on my
neon shudder shades.

Figures are

Thriving in the
animated ordinary.

We all lose

Perception of our
own discoveries.

Sound effects

Drown us inside
smoke clover puddles.

Distorted reverb,

Bounces back and forth
television screens.

Psychosis runs

Within the revelations
we speak of incoherently.

I wear

Trippy stripped stockings
and color block floral,.

Don’t let

the therapists know
what we did last night.

I smirk clever

Even when I feel
ashamed of boldness.

Fist fights,

Happen in ringlets—
loose guarded.

Won’t you

Escape with me?
Glow in funkytown?

Super syked,

Genies swim out
from their twisted lamps.

Intricate concepts,

Fuel the acid sunlight
I drink every morning.

Mushrooms grow

Larger than life.
Wait—what did I just see?

Lewis Carroll

Doesn’t have a
thing on me.

Peace to you,

My neohippie friend,
who’s sometimes called,

Flower child.


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