Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson [Book Review]

Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson

Rating: 5/5 Stars
Genre: Young Adult/Realistic Fiction/Romance/Contemporary

Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson revolves around the main character, Emily Hughes who has a crazy pair of play-writing parents, a daring brother, and social-butterfly-best-friend, named Sloane. One day, Sloane and her parents vanish from Emily’s suburban hometown. At first, Emily is devastated and soon becomes clueless because Sloane and her had a whole fun-filled summer planned out for themselves. Then she finds a list in her kitchen—supposedly handwritten by Sloane—which displays thirteen insane tasks to complete during her vacation. Emily hopes the list will somehow lead her back to Sloane as she ventures onto her risky, wild summertime experience with the help of Frank Porter.

Characters: To tell the truth, I haven’t been impressed that much over a lot of the characters in today’s Young Adult literature lately. Yet, Emily, Sloane, Frank, Collins, Dawn etc. surprised me. I felt like they were REAL people with genuine stories to tell. Sloane is very vintage and a bohemian free spirit. She sparkles with vigor every time Emily flashes back, remembering the past. Emily is the opposite. She’s just another reason why I love this book because for once I can ACTUALLY relate to a fictional character in a YA fiction. Emily is shy, tall, and sweet; she also has a keen observance of the world around her. I don’t want to give a bunch of info away, but I will say this: I love how Matson portrays Emily’s individuality as the story progresses. She’s a fantastic female lead.

Plot: Maybe some of today’s authors’ writing styles are becoming dull, but I didn’t feel that way at all with Since You’ve Been Gone. It’s humorous and touching, with bombshell of personality. Every chapter ended perfectly and the overall pacing ran smoothly. If you’re looking for a vivacious beach-read this summer—Since You’ve Been Gone is definitely my top recommendation for you.

Cover Analysis: If I had bought Matson’s book on a shelf(without reading the blurb), I would’ve thought this was a story about two girls trying find ice cream relief after someone had passed away, hence the cover title. However, after reading, I realize now that the cover fits the plot unexpectedly, ‘too well.’ The main characters Sloane and Emily are pictured on the cover (I’ll let you guess who’s who) in their hometown, enjoying a sweet treat(the back story behind the meaning of the cover is part of a special scene in the book).

Key Notes: If you want to read something with a fresh plot, hilarious action, and relatable characters, you’ll fall in love with this book as greatly as I did. I’m planning on reading this again during my sunny summer break. When reading Matson’s book, you should note that friendship is a key theme and paying attention to the details will help you understand the storyline a ton better. Plus, there’s music playlists inserted on the pages.


Overall: I rated Since You’ve Been Gone, five stars, because it’s a beautiful story—start to finish—and reading about Emily attempting Sloane’s tasks are unforgettably entertaining.

Recommended For: (Teens 15+) Fans of Rainbow Rowell, Sara Shepard, & Bethany Crandell.



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