Personal Phobias

Everyone is scared of something. Nightmares, movies, and remembering past experiences trigger fears. Here are three of my biggest phobias:

1. Spiders

You’ve seen them. You might’ve shrieked. They always come out of nowhere in the dark and climb down your walls, leaving cobwebs displayed for you in the morning. I just think they’re  frightening to look at and I have nightmares about multitudes of these creatures on me. However, we need these little monsters. They eat many types of insects. Can you imagine how many more insects there would be within your house without them? *Shivers*

2. Clowns

I can’t explain why I don’t like them, but I just do. Their ugly painted faces and bright, red lips look horrendous! Whenever I see a McDonalds fast food commercial on TV and Ronald McDonald with a bunch of children, I think to myself, “Why do the children find him funny?” I know I would begin to panic and scream if I was one of those children.  That’s why I don’t eat at McDonalds, ladies and gentleman. The fact that their food is unhealthy and I don’t know half the ingredients in their meals is disturbing and doesn’t aid my cause.

3. Planes 

This is a pretty common fear amongst individuals. The height of your fearfulness at its peak, the anxiety you feel while you sit 50,000 ft in the troposphere, and having no control of your fate when you think of your plane crashing to surface can be a dreadful experience. Ground impact is no exception. You will, by no doubt, crush your bones if you aren’t equipped with the right gear the moment you hit the Earth. Scary, right?

What are your phobias? Tell me in the comments, below!

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