“The Hands That Resist Him.”

Above is a painting called, ‘The Hands That Resist Him,’ by an artist who goes by the name of Bill Stoneham. He painted it in 1972.

One day, a family found a strange painting behind an abandoned old brewery. It was this painting. They were puzzled and amazed and questioned why it was hidden there. Eventually, they decided to take the painting home, assuming it was a piece of good fortune.

When they had the painting in their home for a few days, the family’s four-and-a-half daughter told her parents that she witnessed a fight between the children in the painting. She mentioned the children came inside the room where the painting resided.

The family decided to film the activity within the room for three nights and looked over the footage afterwards. Here’s what they found:

The girl who was holding an unidentifiable object, attempted to hurt the boy. The boy in the picture, however, was trying to run away from the girl and exit the painting.

The family, shocked by their findings, put the painting for auction on eBay. In their product description, they wrote down their story and warned auctioneers that the painting was, ‘haunted.’ They said specifically to their bidders to buy the painting according to its artistry and not its odd history.

Finally, the painting got sold after 13,000 people bidded. Its original price was $199, but sold for $1025 on eBay.

When Bill Stoneham, heard about the family’s story he was surprised. He said the boy was him in the painting and the girl was his guide to help him travel between the waking and dreaming realms of reality. Bill didn’t know how his painting ended up near a brewery, but did announce that the owner of the gallery where it was first displayed and the L.A. critic who attended, both died within the first year of the painting’s showing.

Peters, Lucia. “Creepy Things That Seem Real But Aren’t: ‘The Hands That Resist Him'” Crushable 10 Sept. 2011: 1-2. Website.

Hope you enjoyed today’s haunting urban legend! 

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