Door locks shut.
World goes hush.
While spirit’s come out to play
Their silly little tricks & creepy games,
Black sunlight never ceases to end
When ghouls start performing pretend.

Possession hurts.
Porcelain jerks
Inside my sweet Arabella,
Fragile like the shoe of Cinderella.
She veers back and forth
On her cedar finish rocking chair,
Balancing sanity between her thumbs
And intertwining souls in her hair.

Eerie winds shush.
Toy shapes dither.
The whole house suffers from her pause.
Preying on the voice of my heart’s applause,
She recklessly searches for a sound
To add to her collection, underground.

Besmirched purple obsesses.
Confused dominion represses,
All the light of my audacious wonder.
Complicity feelings crash asunder.
The abscission of the creaking boards
Endlessly shake what’s left down toward
Broken, brittle doll limbs.

Oh Arabella, Arabella.
Where did my soul go?
I think you’ve kept it in
Your viyella, viyella—button eyes
Waiting for tomorrow’s fall to abide.


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