Top 5 Favorite Halloween Costumes in 2014 (Countdown)

5. Alice Liddell, from Lewis Carroll’s book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

I wore this Alice in Wonderland costume for Halloween in 7th grade. At the time, I thought it was coolest outfit ever, until I went to my school’s Halloween-themed dance and a dozen other girls had worn the same thing! Still, it remains as one of my favorite costumes and that’s why it wins fifth place on this list for 2014. I love the simple, stripe patterns displayed on the leggings and glovettes. The classic Wonderland blue flaunts the Cheshire cat above intricate lace hem.

4. A Starbucks Cappucino, from the Starbucks Coffee©

After I looked up costume ideas to create a DIY Starbucks Coffee employee costume last year, I found this picture of how to be an actual Starbucks coffee beverage at random. I think it’s adorable! Using a feather boa as whipped cream and a portion of a real Starbucks coffee bag for half the costume, I can tell there’s so much creativity, sweetness, and originality here. Food related costumes always seem to be the most yummy! 😛

3. Heavenly Angel 

Since I’ve been fascinated with angels, read abundant amounts of paranormal YA fiction, and connected with my spiritual side in the recent years, I wanted to dress up as one for Halloween so badly this year! I thought wearing halos on top of my head and white gowns appeared beautiful and elegant. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: Teenagers can never be angels. I could’ve proved you all wrong if I chose to be this for 2014. HaHa.

2. Eskimo 

Everybody admits Autumn can be an iffy season weather-wise. This costume looks cozy and fuzzy. Perfect for Halloween. I just want to cuddle inside it! There’s not much details or accessories like some other costumes, but I believe that’s what makes it appealing. Very naturalistic and cute, decorated with warm colors sure to melt any heart who lays eyes upon it.

1. Kimmie Boubier (Chick) + Richard Royce (Magnet) = Chic Magnet, from ABC’s show, Super Fun Night.

I fell in LOVE with the show, Super Fun Night. When it got canceled due to not enough television views—I was devastated. I really loved the hilarious comedy and chemistry between the characters. During the Halloween episode two of the characters (Kimmie & Richard), chose to wear a couple costume. One of them was a chic and the other was a magnet. I guess I thought I’d humor you guys again today. 😉

What’s your fav Halloween costume?

It could be one you’ve worn in the past, saw someone else wear,  or one you’re planning to wear this October 31st. Tell me your Halloween favorites in the comments below!

Check here on K.K. tomorrow for even more posts! There’s 12 Nights of Gruesome Goodness left to go!


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