Cave creatures emerge from underground.
The temperate mist seeps through limestone cracks,
As nocturnal pupils & pocket-sized ears detect resonance.

Tremors oscillate screeches
And traumatic bleach onto
The devil’s playground.

Stalactite teeth bite into bat sheathers
While daylight collapses, nightfall sprawls its wings
Revealing the beauty of dark eminence.


Here are some great Halloween DIY Crafts!

DIY: How to Make a Cute Decorative Spider

You need: Two styrofoam balls, a pencil, paintbrushes, black paint, a pair of plastic googly eyes, one popsicle stick, colorful beads, pipe cleaners, scissors, & white paper (to cut out a pair of fangs)


DIY: How to Make a Cloth Pumpkin 

You need: An orange shirt, scissors, green/orange button, & green/orange yarn


Here are some other awesome crafts I found!


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