Hipsterz ~ Galaxy (3)

If I could save the stars for you,
Inside the palm of my hand,
I would turn universal dust into ashes
Spreading its flecks beyond inescapable galaxies.

Neptune’s irises,
Kindly, illuminate azure
Beneath arcs of lashes.

When eyes close during infinity’s death,
Distance chokes on Saturn’s rings.

Rejectamenta swims between us
Wafting sounds of sunburned hope.

Planets collapse at familiar toned voices
Streaking violin dirt while soiling strobes.

You were made by a single siren spark,
With Mercury’s blood in your veins,
Love gave birth to a declension.

Cloudbursts shunned my fated presence,
As I watched your existence go.
Cosmos was ready to explode
Breaking eternity before me.

Jupiter’s flaws,
Chew on meteor hearths,
To heat crimson’s redemption.

My mistakes run toward the remnants of you.


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