Camp NaNoWriMo ~ July 2014

Last April was a disaster. I’m fully prepared for next month though and I think my experience will definitely be much better. Today I have some cool new things for you guys to try during your Camp NaNoWriMo experience this summer.

Need inspiration? Or a word sprint accessible on your phone?
Try: The Writing Challenge App by Literautas
Why it’s worth it: This app gives you a random prompt when you click the start button to write about. There’s a timer too, which pushes you to write more in a limited amount of time. This helps boost your creativity and write about topics out of your comfort zone.
*Perfect for Notebook writers!*

Google $1.69 ~
Itunes: $1.99 ~
Amazon: $1.99 ~

You can also try the word sprints on NaNoWriMo’s twitter page or find a word sprint video from NaNoWriMo’s Youtube channel.

NaNoWriMo Youtube Channel:

NaNoWriMo Twitter:

NaNoWriMo Twitter ~ Word Sprints:

Have writer’s block? 
Try: ~ This site is almost just like The Writing Challenge app except there’s no timer. You can use this on your computer and phone. This tumblr blog has a ton of interesting and thought-provoking prompts to write about.

Need Camp NaNoWriMo preparation tips?
Watch: How To Prepare For NaNoWriMo – Camp Edition & Preparing for Camp NaNoWriMo April–gT-Pixk

Need an outline?
Try: ~ If you need help with character development and creating a detailed plot, then this site is definitely for you. You can even download a blueprint of the entire outline you made when you’re done!

Here are ways to outline your story:

Need a great way to share your work with friends during July?

Try: ~ Tablo is a proud sponsor of Camp NaNoWriMo and makes sharing your work easy throughout the month. The site automatically saves and updates your work. Send the link of your work on Tablo to friends or family and they can comment, praise or give advice in the side bar!

Need motivation or encouragement?

Try: ~ This site will solve your problem! You can set your own awards for accomplishing to write more. It also helps cure writer’s block. There are lots of other neat resources on the home page too!

Don’t forget to donate to The Stories of Tomorrow Campaign! They need our help and are so close to reaching their goal of $50,000!

I hope you guys enjoyed looking through these sites! Have any other sites you personally use? Be sure to share your favorite writing sites, tips, and ideas down below in the comment section. Good luck fellow campers!

Thanks for reading and as always, happy writing! Kalei. Kites 🙂


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