Liebster Blog Award Nomination


Yay! 😀 I just got nominated for this award by Arya at her Wordy & Nerdy blog ( )! I just want to thank all all my followers for their support and kind compliments! You guys keep me inspired to write everyday!


Anyways, here are eleven facts about myself you probably didn’t know about me before.

1. I’m pretty sure I spend my life 80% daydreaming and 20% in reality. xD Sometimes I can’t even tell the difference between the two. Another thing about me, is that more than 50% of my dreams have water in it. Weird right?

2. My entire room is covered in blue. The color calms me down during rough times and good times.

3. Libraries and the ocean are my sanctuaries.

4. I used to be a soccer player when I was younger.

5. I’m a total introvert. I tend to act very tranquil and shy.

7. Whenever, I read a book from a girl’s POV, I always imagine myself as the main character.

8. I suffer from depression and anxiety. Writing is my happiness.

9. I’m fascinated with diseases! I really wish I had synthesia.

10. Everyone in my family has brown eyes. When I was born, I had green eyes but then they changed to brown. I’m still the only person who has curly hair!

11. I like being a tomboy.

Arya’s Eleven Questions:

1) What kind of things do you like to write? Novels, short stories, poems, whatever else… and why?

I love to write in almost any format, but it mainly depends on the topic for me. I love to write novels and poems the most though. I love to write novels because I can make expressive dialogues and create imaginary worlds. I love to write poetry because I can incorporate feelings, desires, and thoughts into descriptive masterpieces, forming images with words.

2) What do you like to do when you’re stressed and want to wind down?

When I’m stressed two things come to mind to wind down: music and nature.

Some days l just love looking out the window, especially on rainy days and hearing the vibrations of raindrops or watching animals interact with their surroundings.

Music is my therapy. Exercise helps a lot too. It raises my metabolism.

3) Who is your favorite music artist/band?

Wow! That’s a great question! It would’ve been so easy to answer this years ago because I listen to practically everything now (Pop, Indie Pop, Latin Pop, Romanian Pop, Folk, Classical, Epic, Alternative Rock, Pop Rock, Electronic Rock, Electro House, Dream Trance, Hiphop, a little bit of Reggae etc.). If I had to choose my absolute favorite artist, then by no doubt I would choose Ellie Goulding. I adore her album Halcyon Days, which fuses electro-pop and indie-folk styles. I know the lyrics to all of her songs by heart.

4) Do you play any musical instruments? If so, what? If not, would you like to play one?

No. However, I had private piano lessons when I was younger. I took lessons for two sessions and then quit because my piano teacher taught me things too fast for my liking. Unfortunately, he’s the only piano teacher in my town. Deep down inside, I wish I hadn’t quit because I still really love the piano. Hopefully, one day I can learn again properly. I’m thinking about teaching myself in the nearby future. I would also love to play the flute because of the sound and uniqueness.

5) What inspires you to do what you love (whether it be writing or something else)?
Life. It’s as simple as that. It’s the experiences I have, the choices I make, and the people I meet that impact everything I do and is strongly influenced in my writing as well.

6) What does your favorite outfit look like? Describe it. Why do you like it?

My favorite outfit would include a cute sweatshirt, skinny acid wash jeans and ritzy high-tops. What can I say? I like to feel comfy and cool.

7) If you could travel back in time, where would you go and what would you do?

I would love to travel back in time to the medieval ages. I would be interesting to see what life was like without modern techonology. I also love the royal attire and admire the honorable kinghts.

8) Are you a procrastinator or a… well… non-procrastinator?

Yes! It’s one of my biggest flaws for sure.

9) If you had a magical power, what would it be?

The power of flight. I could travel around the world anytime and anywhere I want to. I guess I envy Clara Gardner from the Unearthly series.

10) What would you say right now if you knew the entire world could hear you?

“Cupcakes!” xD

11) What book would you recommend to read?

I would recommend Crewel by Gennifer Albin because I love her take in a YA science fiction novel. She’s created a society where everything is part of a gigantic weave. People are like stitiches and if a stitch is ripped out, the person vanishes completely from the world. The goverment is controlling the weave to maintain the perfect society which causes a disturbance among the citizens. Be sure to check it out guys! It’s a great read!

Crewel by Gennifer Albin ~

Here are my eleven nominees!

1) Franny Marie ~

2) Nishita13 ~

3) IcedMocha34 ~

4) AlyshaKaye ~


6) Chiquitita ~

7) Booky ~

8) Ms. Cocoa Britannia ~

9) I Heart Vocabulary ~

10) Raevenly Writes~

11) The Claire Violet Thorpe Express ~

My Eleven Questions for My Nominees:

1) If you were any movie character, would would you be?

2) Do you tell the truth, lie, or keep secrets the most?

3) If you could try any exotic food, what would it be?

4) Do you have a hidden talent?

5) Who is your biggest role model?

6) Why and when did you start writing?

7) Would you rather be invisibility powers or be able to see things that are invisible? Why?

8) Favorite book?

9) Put these in order to your liking for which is most important to you the most to the least: Money, Love, or Time.

10) Do you have any weird habits?

11) Favorite topic to write about?

Thanks so much for reading! 😉

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