Ah-MAY-Zing May!

Wow! I can’t believe April is already over! I’ve achieved so many accomplishments since then. I’ve participated in five contests throughout the month as a whole. I hope you guys enjoyed the daily poetry. I had a blast!

NaPoWriMo 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 ~ Award

Allpoetry ~ NaPoMo 2014 ~ http://storywrite.com/journal/11473441-NaPoMo-2014-Challenge-by-Cupcakes4ever

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2014 ~ 

2014 Winner - Facebook Profile

1) http://campnanowrimo.org/campers/papetti/novels

2) https://kaleidoscopickites.wordpress.com/2014/04/28/i-won-camp-nanowrimo-2014-d/

“Elements,” Contest Entry


The America Library of Poetry Contest ~ Entry 

Wistful Reveries ~ http://allpoetry.com/poem/10516085-Wistful-Reveries-by-Cupcakes4ever



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