How To Create an Awesome Music Playlist For Your Novel


Creating a music playlist for your novel can help you get through writer’s block and aid your lack of inspiration to write while forming a manuscript . It’s also fun and easy to do!

Step 1: Figure out what type of genre(s) your story falls under.
This will help you determine what type of music genres you should look under for choosing songs. For example, one of my stories, Between the Lives, is a chick it, YA fiction, comedy, and romance story. I would probably want to have pop songs on my playlist (since a lot of teenage girls like pop, not all though), and love songs.

Step 2: Start selecting songs that make you think of events occurring in your story. You might want to take out your outline for this. Although, if you don’t have one that’s fine, as long as you remember the important events. Pick an event. It could be from any part of your story (beginning, middle, or end). I started my music playlist by using an event in the middle of my story when my main character, Sophia, realizes she isn’t as invisible as she thought she was. I started looking up the latest teenage hit singles that have to do with self-esteem. I eventually found the perfect one, Roar by Katy Perry.

Katy Perry ~ Roar

Step 3: Repeat steps 2 & 3. You can continue to choose your favorite scenes or the main ones from your story. Your playlist should be at least ten to fifteen songs. You can make it much longer if you want.

Step 4: Play your music playlist while you continue to finish your story. If after a while, your playlist seems overplayed or boring, add and delete songs from your playlist.

My Youtube playlist: Between the Lives ~




Happy Writing! 🙂

Music is also scientifically proven to spark creativity, help immunity, and enhance your memory. So what are you waiting for? Take out your headphones and get inspired!

Dancing Paint


5 thoughts on “How To Create an Awesome Music Playlist For Your Novel

  1. I love picking a playlist for each book I write 🙂 That way when I hear those songs I get in the mood to write. Great post!

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